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International Women’s Day

International Women's Day International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day, we would like to introduce Ann Thomas who works at our Head Office in Leeds.

Historically, Warehousing is perceived to be a male dominated industry. But the truth is, with female empowerment and gender equality in the workplace being a being a hotly debated issue lately, the industry is seeing a steady increase in female candidates and successful applicants.

Learn more about Ann’s experience working in the Warehousing industry here:

Ann Thomas

Office Support & Operations

How did you get into the Warehouse & Logistics industry?

“I was working for Absolute within the warehouse on one of our fulfilment operations, things took off from there. I took semi-permanent leadership responsibilities within this contract and have worked through to the office / admin role as the first point of contact for all our customers”.

What are your responsibilities day to day?

“Being on the front line at Absolute so to speak, I am part of the team that primarily deal with both the initial contact for hauliers and customer alike. My main duty is to help co-ordinate the through put of work, both ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service while moderating the work through the warehouse and timely customer responses”.

How do you find working at Absolute, in an environment which is perceived to be male dominant?

“If there is one thing women are truly great at, it is communication and at work communication is everyone’s golden ticket to success”.

What advice would you give to women wanting to work in Warehousing & Distribution?

“You do not have to behave like a man to work alongside them, this is definitely an industry where you can find out what you are really capable of. Sso roll up your sleeves, tie your hair back in a ponytail and get stuck in”.