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Real-time Tracking

Real time tracking, immediate response and accuracy of information…that’s what Absolute Warehouse Services Limited offer 100% of the time 24/7.

Our Stock Management System (SMS) and our 24/7 working provides all the confidence any company needs when critical information concerning stock, equipment or simply questions relating to any aspect of the storage business is required.
Each client is issued with access capability via a secure internet connection from their own office, home or any premises they choose directly to their own account. As the system is “live” you can be assured of up to date information concerning all aspects of your storage arrangements.

Further, with our 24/7 working parameters you can speak, email or message any requirement you may need, so be assured that your stock is in safe hands, accurately displayed, immediately available, with reporting protocols to protect your business and keep you informed and alerted to all changes, whatever they may be, whatever time the changes take place, to any of your goods in our care.

Completely transparent, completely auditable, all at your fingertips, where ever you are.


If you would like to discuss your requirements in detail, you can get in touch with Absolute Warehouse Services today by calling 0844 811 7163 or visiting the contact page.

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