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Stock Management

Which system is operated is equally critical and we feel we have one of the very best.

Our Stock and Management system (SMS) is born out of years of experience and knowledge from within our industry. An accumulation of knowledge gained from years of working within the industry and knowing what is critical, what is essential and what is desired and equally what is not. Our system is a fully automated bar code reading system providing auditable processes and management of all aspects of the Warehouse and Storage in house supply chain. A fully integrated, “live” system covering all goods in, all goods out by pallet and unit, quarantine or “hold” issues, traceability, and historical reporting protocols. In addition to which, split pallet picking, rotation requirements, size and positioning selections as well as warehouse utilisation and racking configuration information are just some of the multitude of options directly available to our clients.

Each client has their own access to the “live” position and all the information regarding their own stock position and their products in many different formats, regardless of how or where it is stored. This access is from their own premises or offices by their own nominated and authorised staff. The complete capability to download or print and discuss “live” positions with Absolute Warehouse Services staff 24/7 is a truly reassuring position illustrating our unique flexible and professional approach to our business and relationship with our clients.


If you would like to discuss your requirements in detail, you can get in touch with Absolute Warehouse Services today by calling 0844 811 7163 or visiting the contact page.

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